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Voted Best Animal Hospital in the Main Line for the Last 12 Consecutive Years

best mainline no yearWelcome to the Ardmore Animal Hospital! Our animal hospital has been providing compassionate veterinary care since 1937 for animal companions and their guardians not only from Ardmore but Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester County including Philadelphia. Our veterinary hospital has a large staff of almost forty pet lovers, including seven veterinarians and thirty-two support staff. The animal hospital is open six days a week and several evenings to accommodate most busy schedules. While a variety of veterinary services are available at the Ardmore Animal Hospital, the practice has a special interest in pain management treatments for pets to lessen or eliminate an animal’s suffering. The veterinarians and staff at the animal hospital are truly compassionate and offer the highest quality care for animal companions and their owners.

Learn about Oogy the Dog!

Our animal hospital has received many letters and referrals from The Oprah Winfrey Show since the show featured one of our pet patients, Oogy the dog. Oogy was treated by our animal hospital after he was rescued from a severely abusive home and was put by our vets on the path to recovery. Oogy has undergone several reconstructive and rehabilitating procedures at the Ardmore Animal Hospital and continues to be a patient. The veterinarians and staff at the animal hospital were able to treat Oogy’s severe injuries and ease his suffering. Thanks to the Ardmore Animal Hospital and Oogy’s loving adopted family, Oogy is now a happy and healthy dog.

Read about The Ardmore Animal Hospital’s spot on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Veterinary Services Available for Ardmore and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Our animal hospital offers a broad range of services for pets and their owners living in Ardmore or one of the surrounding counties: Montgomery, Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia.  The veterinary hospital provides wellness exams, vaccinations, nutritional counseling, micro-chipping, breed identification testing and cat boarding. Annual wellness exams are an opportunity for our veterinarians to provide your pet with a comprehensive exam to determine if your pet has any potential health issues. Our veterinarians will also be able to help you find solutions to any behavioral problems. If you have any questions about your pet’s health, don’t hesitate to call us today at 610-642-1160!

Ardmore Animal Hospital provides veterinary services for dogscats and some pocket pets, includingrabbitsguinea pigsferretshamstersgerbilsratsmice and chinchillas.


Dentistry services are also available at the animal hospital, which include all facets of dental health from scheduled teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, and information on caring for a pet’s dental health at home. Our veterinarians strive to stay current on breakthroughs in veterinary care and provide cutting edge surgical procedures, including stem implantation surgeries. The hospital is host to a broad range of diagnostic procedures including digital radiology, cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds, endoscopies, as well as a state of the art laboratory on-site.

In addition to being compassionate and offering a broad range of services, the veterinary hospital is AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited. Only one in five animal hospitals is AAHA certified since the certification process includes 900 different criteria and many inspections of the hospital. The veterinary hospital provides veterinary emergency care referrals, as well as referrals for pet boarding and dog training services. Pets and their owners from Ardmore or the nearby communities of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Gladwyne, and Radnor are encouraged to call or visit the Ardmore Animal Hospital today for more information or to schedule a wellness visit!

Call 610-642-1160 today to schedule an appointment with Ardmore Animal Hospital!

Dr. James Bianco
Ardmore Veterinarian | Ardmore Animal Hospital | 610-642-1160

24 E. Athens Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003

Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr. Meghan McCartin

    Dr. Meghan McCartin Veterinarian

    Dr. McCartin has lived in Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1996. Since she was a young child, she knew that she would…

  • Dr. James Bianco

    Dr. James Bianco Veterinarian

    Owner and hospital director of Ardmore Animal Hospital, Dr. James Bianco is a Pennsylvania native and has cared…

  • Dr. Lena Montgomery

    Dr. Lena Montgomery Veterinarian

    Dr. Lena Montgomery was the full time doctor at the former Ardmore Animal Hospital West location since 2008. Dr.…

What our patients say

  • As a life-long animal lover, I've owned both cats and dogs, pure breds and shelter animals and as such, I have patronized more veterinarians over the last 20 years than me and my pocketbook care to remember. One unavoidable fact is that veterinary care is expensive. Another unavoidable fact is that quality high care service is not a guarantee. Ardmore Animal Hospital has exceeded my expectations time and time again. The veterinarians demonstrate compassion, pragmatic judgment, and desire to achieve high quality care.

    Jennifer W.,

  • We have been taking our fur child to Ardmore Animal Hospital for over a year now. We picked this location (which is actually quite far for us to drive since we live in East Falls) because our neighbor who has boarded dogs for over 20 years highly recommended AAH. She had nothing but praise for the place and I trust her word because her dogs and the dogs she boards get nothing but the best!

    Harry E.,

  • This place is awesome. After months of useless treatment from another vet, we took our little rescue dog here and she was cured in a week. The staff is super nice and accommodating. The price is definitely worth it for the great care we've received.

    Elizabeth M.,